It’s that time of year again, gifting and customer/supplier recognition is onto the top of our lists. Corporate gifting can be the perfect way to show your gratitude and appreciation for all those involved in and around the running of your business. 

Employees, clients and customers are all valuable parts of an organisation and they all enjoy being recognised and valued for their achievements. Sending a gift and making the effort to personalise it serves as a great way to boost morale and motivation amongst business relationships. A small gesture can have a lasting impact on its recipient. Additionally, gifting is a great opportunity to show appreciation, ie: it could be great way to communicate simple gestures as a ‘Thank you’ for a job well done, or even a way to acknowledge new or loyal customers and suppliers, strengthening existing relationships between managers, employees, distributors & suppliers can prove to be invaluable in your business.      

Corporate gifting can be a great way to show appreciation to colleagues, suppliers and customers. A small, personalised touch can go a long way to improve relations internally and externally. However, how do you choose the right gift? For example, you wouldn’t want to gift a co-worker with coffee products if they’re a tea drinker, and you might not want to choose the wrong item for a new customer or client that you’ve just met. At EB Castings we’re able to understand your needs and requirements and will do what we can to guide you in the right direction.

Corporate gifts can be a great way to attract attention to your business and adding your own company branding can only further enhance, promote and grow your reach into the market. Since branded corporate gifts are a cost-effective way of advertising, it can be a great sales marketing strategy to include in your business and marketing plan. Some say the cheapest cost per impression you’ll find in the market. By giving branded personalised gifts to clients and colleagues, you’re not only forging stronger relationships but also getting your brand name out there and allowing it to be visible to users & viewers. Branded corporate gifts can range from anything to pens, notepads, water bottles, and even clothing apparel. At EB Castings we can offer the full range of items you require to make your employees, customers and suppliers happy. 

As a local manufacturer, EB Castings prides itself in offering a wide range of options that can suit your every need. From personalisation of key-rings, coffee mugs/ceramic ware and glassware, we’re confident that we’ll find something that can inspire your relationships into the new year.


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