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Corporate Branding


Our Value In
Corporate Branding

At EB Castings, corporate branding is something our business finds fundamental value in. Corporate branding and adding value to your business or organisation is what we strive for. For this reason we aim to provide a holistic approach to corporate branding, from banners, clothing and key rings to glass and ceramics, we will brand it all.

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Sourcing & Customers

Corporate branding is not something we do entirely ‘in-house’ but we believe in the value that a single entity supplying a holistic service can offer our customers. Corporate branding of an event or occasion can become a daunting process when dealing with numerous suppliers of these products. Having a central supplier makes organising a lot easier. We have a firm supplier base who can supply a wide range of items to suit your branding needs.


If we can’t supply what you are looking for ‘in-house’ we know someone who can. From banners to shirts we will source your needs.

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