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Made Easy.

Online store gifting has become part and parcel of how we go about our gifting and shopping. Time has become one of life’s biggest constraints and the pressures we find in the simple acts of gifting can become timely and stressful. At EB Castings we aim to find a range of gifting products that will allow a quick and easy solution to these problems. With our current range of gifting we offer a wide variety of options for every event and occasion. From Fathers/Mothers Day, to Valentines and Christmas we will strive for a cost-effective way to give that special someone the value they deserve.

gifting fathers day mugs

In-House Manufacturing

Our gifting range is done entirely in house and we’re able to find cost efficiencies in volume. Without breaking the bank our gifting options will allow you to find that meaningful present for under R200.


We all know the pressures that come with finding something meaningful for that special day. With our online store and delivery options you are clicks away from completing your check list.

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