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EB Castings is a product of its home décor range, we manufacture zinc items ‘in-house’ through the process of centrifugal casting. We have expanded our home décor product range ever since inception. EB Castings home décor range was initially the sole core of our business and with the addition of screen printing it had to share its role, however, to this day it remains very much an integral part of our business.

Our Range

Our extensive home décor range includes wine charms, tablecloth weights, bottle openers, candle stick holders, skewer sticks and much more. With the ability to manufacture these products in house we can adjust and add products to our range with relative ease. In our home décor range we aim at creating quality products that will fit in neatly to your home environment. We believe it is the small things that create the largest impact.

Products & Sourcing

All our home décor is manufactured in-house, our 8-station centrifugal casting machine allows us to mould and create products which can keep up with the latest trends and styles of the home décor industry. We use a traditional method of melting a zinc alloy compound which will be poured into a silicone mould and spun at high revolutions, creating a centrifugal force. The item will then take the shape of the silicone mould. Through the origination of a master mould we can then manufacture high volumes at a nominal cost.

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