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Buckles & Trims


Buckles & Trims

Manufacturing buckles and trims involves designing, casting, finishing, quality control, packaging, and distribution. Key steps in our process include design creation,  mould design & creation, finishing it off with processes like electroplating or painting. With strong quality control checks, packaging, and distribution. 


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Design, Create, Manufacture!


Our Range

Our buckle collection features a diverse range of sizes and shapes to meet various design needs. From sleek and minimalist designs to intricate and ornate styles, our buckles come in a variety of dimensions and configurations. Whether you require small and discreet fasteners or bold statement pieces, we offer a selection that caters to your preferences. Get in touch with us to explore our full range and find the perfect buckle for your project.

Products & Sourcing

Our buckles are crafted using premium raw materials such as high-quality zinc, ensuring durability and strength. We utilize silicone molds to create precise and intricate designs, allowing for consistency and detail in every piece. With these top-quality materials, we guarantee exceptional craftsmanship and reliability in our products.

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