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Kiln Fired Ceramic Printing


Mug Printing &
How we do it.

Unlike the glass Printing, mug printing and ceramic-ware printing gets fired at much higher temperatures. Our ceramic-ware is high fired at over 800 degrees celsius. At these high temperatures the specialised ink will infuse itself into the printed mug allowing the mug print to be completely dishwasher and wash proof. This traditional process of mug printing onto ceramic-ware allows us to be a step above the rest in the industry. Mug printing can be done many ways, however, being fired at high temperatures ensures the longevity of our mug printing process.

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The Value of Mug Printing

In today’s day and age, businesses strive for brand exposure, cost effective and reasonable marketing ‘impressions’, through mug printing and mug branding businesses can gain continuous impressions throughout the lifespan of the mug print.

Our Efficiency Inspiration

The cost advantage of screen printing allows us to find large efficiencies in quantity, in turn, giving us the ability to do large volumes in a relatively short time frame. Our kilns can hold up to 1 000 units for mug printing at a time which can be fired on three separate occasions in a day giving us the capacity of up to 3 000 units per day. Efficiency is what inspires us.

Our Ceramic Printing Longevity

No-one wants to pay for short term fixes or poor quality. At EB Castings we pride ourselves in the longevity of our printing techniques. Our methods have been tried and tested over years and years of being in the industry. Our printing is dishwasher proof and irremovable, leaving your item ‘branded’ for all future impression opportunities.

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