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Kiln Fired Glass Printing
What We Offer & To Whom.

Our process of glass printing is based around the traditional process of screen printing. Our glass printing is fired into Kilns will reach temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. This allows the ink to immerse itself into the glass, making the print dishwasher proof and permanent. This traditional glass printing process allows us to do large quantities with a relatively short lead time and in turn keeping costs to a minimum. We do not have a minimum order quantity; however, our initial once off set-up costs will remain constant whether we are producing 10 or 10 000 units. In this industry glass printing finds its efficiencies in volume. Our printing price is directly related to quantity so please contact us for a quote. 

Screen Printing

Customers & Usage

Currently the customers we supply on our glass printing side are predominantly in the corporate, hospitality, and culinary industries. We find that Glass printing is an effective tool for marketing and branding your product or business through the printing of your image/brand onto the  glassware. From small businesses to larger corporate organisations, there will always be a value in furthering the reach and enhancing the relatability of your brand. Printed Glass is permanent and will continue to grow your brand name long after the initial investment.

Products & Sourcing

At EB Castings we supply a wide range of glassware for our glass printing process, we will brand for your personal, promotional, and business use. This glassware will range from upmarket crystal to inexpensive promotional giveaways and prizes. We can source your requirements and print on glasses stock that you provide us with. Glass printing is our speciality but being in the glass printing industry we’re able to source our glasses at affordable rates. Anything from beer glasses, draught glasses, gin glasses, shooters, whiskey tumblers, wine glasses and even champagne flutes. We can source glassware suitable to all of your unique requirements and we’ll service all your glass printing needs.


Our Kiln Fired glass screen printing process is permanent and dishwasher proof. We pride ourselves in giving our customers a glass product that will continue to have a lasting and significant impact on your business. Very few modern-day glass printing processes can stand the test of time, but by using traditional and trusted glass printing processes, we pledge that ours will.

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Our Core


At the core of our business is screen printing & Castings, being a leader in both these fields allows us to be cost effective and offer a wide range of products. We have the opportunity to work with some of the most established brands in South Africa. We treat all customers, big and small with the same attention. We’d love to see how we can assist you.